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My book became available April 29, 2012

July 1, 2012

Contemporary Western Society is mass centralized society, the nemesis of real community. The word community is lost in this society. People need to live in genuine community in on order to be happy, and to grow as full people in a humane society – “self-realization.” My essay at this blog, What is Community?, and, the book, Decentralized Economic Social Organization, DESO, and Neo-New World, explains what the composition of real community is, and, further, it explains the components of community and how they provide what people need – survival with full personal growth; maximum community with maximum individuation. In the book, that vision is further elaborated in the section Neo-New World, wherein the use of fiction with protagonists paints a picture of what living in community could be like.

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Friends, you be well!

Yours, Reed C. Kinney


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