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Imperative For Kind Hearts! Lend Us Your Ears!

July 11, 2012

Reed C. Kinney –

There are people who cannot “hear” because they are mentally retarded.
Such people will not be interested in this essay. There is a type of mental retardation that lies hidden behind a “…Mask of Sanity.”


There are people who are born without the faculty for empathy. They lack humane emotions. Such folks are not intellectually impaired, but they can not appreciate the arts except superficially. Their desires are based on their compulsions to control people, and their perception of what society deems valuable. In a materialistic society things deemed valuable are opulence, and power. People are “things” to such retards …the means to get what they want. They can not envision a future of the way things “ought to be.” Such individuals don’t have a capacity for an internal “spiritual” perspective. Religion for them is a means to an end, power and control over others; institutionalized authoritarianism.

Those retarded people do not have an internal “futuristic landscape”. They are calculating and base their present orientations on memory, and they remember the sequences of events that enabled them to control others in order to access benefits. They build on those experiences to access more of the same in redundant cycles of acquisitiveness, for its own sake; their motivation, their drive.

Because they can’t envision a future world, the immediate present is their pleasure. They live like “card counters,” machine like; unwavering calculators who learn their systems, and use them to render the results they want.
In the absence of an internal life, they enjoy external “thrills”. They don’t fear for themselves and don’t notice if their behaviors and actions are dangerous, or self-destructive.

In military combat, such retards are single minded, and without fear. However, figuratively speaking, and literally, they lack the ability to watch their flank. They behave similarly in civilian society, and get caught in their lies, cheating, and crime. When apprehended in civilian society they can lie well enough to convince saner people of their credibility. They couple lying with acting like they have normal emotions. They can feign having emotions so convincingly that normal people are deceived.

Among the characteristics of those retards is self-confidence, and calculated charm, which makes them attractive to saner people of the opposite sex. They prey on susceptible people to get everything that they want from them. People who live with such retards become ill, because those types somehow absorb the life energy of others (reported so, but unexplained). They lie and cheat, and entertain a sense of triumph when doing so gets them what they want.
Four percent of people are born with that defect, that retardation, which is called psychopathy. I don’t know if there are degrees of psychopathy among psychopathic individuals. Nonetheless, the society we live in seems tailored for psychopaths. It is structured to enable concentrations of wealth and power at the expense of most. Those societal structures are more complex than I can elaborate in this essay.
But, because of those structures, we also have psychopaths that were not born, but were made. They are called sociopaths. Egotistical sociopaths do not activate or develop the faculty of empathy. Doing so would distract them from their primary objective …to “succeed” in a society that forces its members to compete, by whatever means, for positions of control and money. The televised game show Survivor is a caricature of that type of society, and demonstrates how deceit and exploitation is required for advancement, and to avoid disqualification. The players who succumb to empathy are invariably disqualified by the more conniving players. Sociopaths are diligent to use other people to get what they want. Sociopaths are more adaptive than psychopaths, because they are not retarded. Narcissistic sociopaths can plan complex futures, and plan how to avoid being apprehended.

In a society managed through legal systems, sociopaths, as well as some psychopaths, will always have the “upper hand” over saner, law abiding people, people with a conscience.

[At the moment, I do not have information about degrees of sociopathology among individuals, nor do I have information regarding how numerous they are in society. However, the implications are dire, see bibliography.]

For-profit corporations resemble psychopaths

For-profit corporations are not people. They are legally protected like individual citizens. The corporation is designed to expand for the purpose of maximizing profit at the least expense. Its members are uncritical, expendable components who do not control the momentum of the institutions they depend on. Impersonal, mechanical, for-profit corporations destroy people and natural environments, a side effect of their required quest for maximum profit.

People born into a monopolistic, for-profit, corporate-based mass society, have little recourse, but to adapt to it. What they grow up in is a world based on competition among many, for the benefit of the few, which in turn is at the expense of almost all people.

The banking system is the top of the pyramid of all authorities that are subordinated to it, and to which all of society is heavily indebted. (
In that context, people’s lives don’t matter. Their fates and their well being are of no importance. What matters is domination, and expansion, wealth and power. Many rationalizations and deceits are pronounced through electronic media, and throughout the school systems, to “justify” domination. They denigrate the dominated, and proclaim their impoverished lives as being those of “self-contented” imbeciles.

The violence of domination takes many forms which include the exploitation of labor, interest charges, tax, and imperialism. People are conditioned to conform to centralized power via schools, all hierarchical institutions, and through the hypnotic mass media of television and computer screens. Conformity to external power impoverishes lives.

Effective advertising, implicit in televised programming, seeks to transform the imaginative, impressionable minds of children, striving to grow, into single minded imperatives of acquisitiveness, and champions of the alienated pathology of competition for wealth and power. The false “justifications” for these abominations are integrated into public education …and more so among the children who attend the private schools of the wealthy, since they are taught that, somehow, they are among the “special ten percent.” The children of wealth are trained to “rule.” The children in public education are trained to compete for entry into the ranks of impersonal, mechanical institutions in order to function as “cogs.”

There are levels of society wherein people with education and imagination, and who are saner, raise their children to become well rounded humans with cultural understanding, the skills of art, and a sympathetic humane outlook. There are people who know enough to be productively independent and critical.
The hope is that such families will be sufficient in numbers to take us into a more favorable direction of socioeconomic evolution.

The prevailing, pathological, socioeconomic system obliges people to compete for few employment positions. Employment, too often, combines dehumanized working conditions with lean pay. In the absence of other options, that type of situation is viewed as “acceptable” by most people. Unfortunately, copious, mental malaise has rendered much of the population apathetic; people who have lost the sense of cooperation. That in turn has left the “gates” of civilization “unguarded,” open to the entry of pathological elements, sociopaths and psychopaths.

Pathology begetting pathology, genetically, as well as due to the type of socioeconomic systems our “civilization” is based on …is among the challenges we now face. It is the nature of power to always fall to fewer “hands”. Without community for a unified and independent defense among saner people, the sociopathic elements of the Federal Reserve System/Federal Government will continue hoarding capital for the few at the expense of most, tax Americans to pay interest on government loans, while inflation debilitates their meager incomes.

Centralized power is too easily misused by the powerful. The Federal Government is authorized to use its martial power to eliminate perceived threats among people in the U.S., and to bypass habeas-corpus ( Perhaps, one would regard sane people as unlikely to abuse that power. …But, what about insane people? What are the objectives of intellectually sound insane people? Do insane people care if the American economy “runs itself into the ground,” or that children suffer poverty consequent of ramshackle policy? The topic is complex and more than I will entertain in this essay. The point is that it is the impersonal, profit based, or power-based corporate institutions that are the primary cause of all manner of wickedness visited upon us, and within that context everything that lives, love, is annihilated. Saner people need independence from those centralized powers.

Psychopaths see no reason to seek a remedy for their condition, because they view themselves as well, and they believe that other people are very much like they are. Psychopaths believe that society exists to make power and wealth possible for those that can get it.

The subsequent level of malaise after psychopathy is necrophilia. While psychopaths have the compulsion to take and keep, life energy, wealth, and power …necrophilic people have the compulsion to dismember life. A necrophilic, like Adolf Hitler, may not have been intellectually impaired, but his primary compulsions included the dismemberment of life. In neither of those cases does humanity, as worthy of love, enter the spheres of cognition. …Love, its purpose and beauty to stimulate and support human growth through art, its need to enhance the growth of life in general, and its use of existential pain for growth and wider consciousness, is alien in those pathologies.
The situation we are in now becomes ever more precarious as the days pass. Pathology is overtaking sanity at an ever accelerated rate! Erich Fromm warned that while technology can continue to develop, concurrently, our humanity can be lost. People can continue to exist in a society even while their humanity has perished.

Creating Community NOW is Imperative

If you desire a home that involves more than your family – a modern, eclectic, participatory community where people come together in play, and in work, for everyone’s greater good, then do explore this new option. It’s not a book for people who covet power and wealth, which is the “carrot on the stick” pandered by our mass centralized society. Rather, it is a project for people who want permanent prosperity, privacy, and real freedom in humane community …good friends and neighbors working together, “all for one, and one for all.” Decentralized Economic Social Organization carries weight. I can’t elaborate the scope of the DESO vision of real independence in this message.

It’s not “a step back in time”. Rather, it will be a step forward for everyone that makes it real.

See my Xlibris website where you can order DESO. I know twenty four dollars is much money. Perhaps, you can share the cost with a friend, or two, and share the book.
See my blog at:
Friends, you be well!


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  1. Steve Wood permalink

    The way forward will show itself soon.

    Reed’s community blueprint is an unbelievable valuable resource for those of us that are already working on related movements. But how will it happen en mass? How can we (as diverse as we are as citizens – nevermind cultures) make the switch to a more healthy global system?

    My work involves creating the opportunity for individuals to gather with like-minded others, into a village like existance, The cost to entry will be much lower than traditional living costs, yet we will be able to maximize the relatively short list of human desires we all have as human beings.

    In this way, change will occur because of economic necessity, and the attractiion to maximize normal human desires without requiring ‘wealth’ accumulation,

    Additional strong motivators such as ecology, economic uncertainty, unfair global power structures etc, will be icing on the cake… and should bring into existance a new age of music and love as we huncker down for the climate disaster that is arrising.

  2. Steve, your kind observations are most welcomed here. Thank you.

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