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Alienation Precludes Our Being Conscious of Ourselves

December 4, 2012

Alienation Precludes Our Being Conscious of Ourselves

By Reed Camacho Kinney

Globalization, macro economics, corporate monopolies of mass production and distribution, pander the illusion that centralized production for international markets is what increases prosperity for all. The fact that stratified society exists precludes that postulate.

Multitudes of people the world over are exploited, or neglected and destitute.  That misfortune is a component of the structure of mass centrist society, MCS. Unless workers are not paid what they are worth, then, the capital gains of the class of wealth could not be sustained; the structure of society is built on not paying employees what they are worth!

The means to personal growth and development are withheld from most people, and their options in life are limited by design. The problem is that mass centrist society is itself alienated from its members. Impersonal systems of control are structured to function for the augmentation of wealth and power for the few at the expense of most. The processes of exploitation are structurally imbedded in the production and distribution consortiums of macro economics. Those who join the ranks of workers trade their precious lifetimes for the income they need for the sustenance of their families.

The socioeconomic system is literally rigged to prevent access to capitalization, support, for most families, and in turn, liberal education is a luxury for the fortunate few. I remind you that nothing good can come of that.

People in our society are too distracted by its alienation, which affects all people by degree, to understand that the cause of most of their personal problems is the society that they depend on for their sustenance. The essay I wrote, What is Community?, demonstrates how people can live with each other for each other. It demonstrates how society can actually meet the real needs of all of its members, which is as it should be. But, it is very difficult for most people to understand that most of what they have been indoctrinated to believe about their society is misleading. More so, most people are denied liberal education, which is the starting point for developing an objective perspective of our place in society.

The basic structure for community is provided in my essay, What is Community?. It is formatted, dialogical-consensus-based civic organization.  But, people need to come together over it with the intention of making it function. I am little encouraged by the degree of alienation that has been imposed on folks to believe, now, that by studying the outline folks will gather together to breathe life into it. It takes time and dedication among willing members to actualize.

Time is in short supply among the members of mass centrist society. One of the ways the systems of control, upon which mass centrist society depends for its sustenance, control people is to make access to money time consuming for most, most are not paid what they are worth, and the burdens of paying interest for loans, and paying government taxes robs them of much of their productive lives. In that manner, time for thought and self-development is withheld from most members of mass centrist society.

Dedication is diverted into the struggle for income. The causes of alienation include not having control over one’s own productive life, being denied liberal education, and being prescribed to by impersonal systems of control be those commercial/governmental, or institutionalized religions. Prescription includes selling protection from an enemy be that terrorism, the flames of hell, or protection from being ostracized by consumer clicks in a consumer-based economy.

Getting established with a Modus Vivendi to support a family, a home and car in mass centrist society takes most people most of their productivity. Most people are denied access to the support needed, the education needed, for productive self-development.

The controlling elite of mass centrist society are isolated in the class of wealth, and despite access to liberal education they are generally arrogant, and no less alienated than the plebeians who support them.

We plebeians don’t need to continue being discriminated against by the class of wealth and power. We must recognize that we have been damaged by this society, and for us to work together to create a better society will require maximum consciousness, sincerity, and determination, attributes undermined by alienation; attributes not well developed among most people in mass centrist society.

Nonetheless, through the practice of real dialogue, we can better take stock of ourselves in relation to each other. And, by educating ourselves through art in real community our soundness should be restored to us.

The outline for DESO is now in two parts. The essay, What is Community?,provides a comprehensive  overview of the structures needed for its realization, and the manuscript, Decentralized Economic Social Organization, DESO, and Neo-New World,  provides supplementary material to those ends.

People come together to build what promises to bring improvement to their lives. Doing so without allowing the centralization of power is the structural challenge that DEO meets. The centralization of power in fiancés, in government, and in religion has been the scourge of our species.

Real community in DESO enables people to provide each other with needed support, without dependence on impersonal institutionalism. In fact, real DESO community is real independence.

Real independence is our birthright as well as our objective; independence from centralized systems of control.

Personal fulfillment for all members is the aim. Is it an adventure? Yes, it is. Do I think it is worth the effort? Yes, I do.

Before too long, I will be asking members into dialogue.

You be well our dear friends.

Yours, Reed & Maria Kinney


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