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The Higher Authority of Real Human Needs

December 14, 2012

The Higher Authority of Real Human Needs

By Reed Camacho Kinney

You are thinking inside the fish bowl, so to speak. The holier than thou Law is a weapon of centralized power. The objective is to be free from centralized power, to be independent from centralized power. Centralized power makes slaves out of everyone that is caught in its meshes of coercion, obligations, and duties. Centralized power is among the men in positions of control of the corporate/governmental consortiums. But, too, and this is the point that most miss, it is among mechanical, impersonal institutions that are specifically designed to generate wealth and power, which mechanisms are beyond the control of their uncritical members!

Case in point, the Federal Reserve System has enslaved the entire society to its monopolized monetized system.  In the U. S., the political left and right are a smoke screen to distract people from the fact that behind the scenes, so to speak, both political parties do exactly as the Federal Reserve System bids.

Currently, the “fiscal cliff” is a side show to distract people from the fact that the Federal Reserve System has charted its course of actions in advance, and it, rather than government, will dictate the outcome of events.

The national debt is another matter. The administration took huge sums of American dollars from China to stop gap the interest payment shortages caused by the central bank. That citizens pay tax to pay the bank’s international debt is an unalterable mechanism that will further enslave plebeians.

American Society is slaughtering its people for disingenuous objectives; objectives that turn the noose of tax and inflation tighter on the necks of plebeians, while they destabilize the world’s political syndicates.

That is the type of Civilization, or should I say ‘Civilization,’ that is systematically doing us in as peoples for the sake of generally, mentally disassociated wealthy folks who are stuck in a macro world that is alienated from the world of plebeians. Without community, the Federal Reserve System holds all society hostages to its selling of capital. Invariably, The Federal Reserve System will destroy its host.

The consequences of the fall of the mechanical monetized system, among other looming disasters, are the unfortunate price in humanity that will be paid.  Even now, multitudes of people the world over are destitute.  That happens because it is a component of the structure of mass centrist society, MCS. Unless the masses are not paid what they are worth, then, the wealth of acuminated capital could not be sustained; the structure of society is built on not paying employees what they are worth!

Technology is a neutral tool in the hands of its holders. The bright side to this is that it can help facilitate our best option, building real community. I have made ample allowances for exceptions among people in MCS who are really well, sane, and happy people. But, my concern is with the preponderances of people being exploited and neglected. Real community is structured to meet the real human needs of all its members.

In regard to Law, it is our real human needfulness that is the only higher authority, and since those real human needs are best fulfilled in the lives of convivial people living in mutualistic community, then, it follows that, in that context, Law is Common Law, and Common Law is Unwritten.

Ralph Haulk

helped me develop my concepts of Law in Community:

 The Community Office of Mediation – The Community Office of Mediation precludes the need for a judge, and precludes the need for any canon of law. The members of real community understand Common Law, which is unwritten.

1. In the event any case is not brought to conclusion, informally, through dialogical agreement among respective MVB, the Community Office of Mediation receives the case from an accuser with ascertainable evidence and witnesses, and receives the accused with her ascertainable evidence and witnesses

2. Some few, mature members of the community mediate until an agreement is reached, which may include restitution due the accuser. A procedural contract is written and signed by the accuser, and the accused, and witnesses. The contract is adhered to by all parties concerned.

All such contracts are filed with the Community Office of Mediation. They form the body of reasoned conclusions open for reference by the community.

3. In the event of breach of contract, of any case, including breached contracts between community members and the CCC, which were not solved informally, the case is brought before the Community Office of Mediation in conjunction with the involvement of a number of impartial MVB, drawn by lots, or decided by turns, who dialogue the case, write propositions, and through dialogical, consensus-based community decision making processes reach a conclusion. The final word is from the community.

Community psychology is not vengeful. Community psychology is far removed from what are, too often, petty concerns entertained by alienated people living in mass centrist society. Community, as described here, brings people together, rather than drive them apart. Community members share in common community components that are vital to their mutual well being. They are productive people who have good reason care for each other.

What about God and Law?

 Our real human needs include both sustenance, survival, and growth, sanity. Our real needs include conviviality, mutualism, and creativity, personal growth through the arts and sciences of our culture. But to achieve that for the preponderances of people in society would require a socioeconomic organization designed to meet those ends. My recent essay, What is Community?, is an outline of a socioeconomic structure that meets those needs.

God, whatever that may be, is of little importance to us, and the idea of God is used as a weapon by centralized powers. However, what is important to us is that our existential needs be met in community; in community, because mass centrist society discriminates against its own members, and it withholds our birthright to mutual support, to independence, and to sane living.

Look Mack, growth through the arts of one’s culture, personal fulfillment in concert with others, to feel well with one’s productive life, self-development, love and health, to always strive to be a better person, is an ideal not without some representation among the members of MCS. But, only in real community, as I describe it, is that ideal made accessible to all members.

It is challenging to be human, as are our relationships with each other. For our well being, our real needs must be met, and, we must meet those needs in relationship to each other.

It seems most people are conservative regarding their religion. And, I agree that prayers are often answered; out of the blue coincidence. Is the human sphere the exclusive realm of the concept of God? Perhaps, the source of favorable responses to prayer is within our human sphere. There may be more to that than we imagine. Perhaps, we humans are somehow, both, that which makes prayer, and that which answers it. 

And, were that the case, what need of God? People are God, and even though we pray to God, people are the only God we need be concerned about. Our quest to know how we came to be people is well and good. But, at this juncture, what matters most is the reinstatement of our evolution as a humane humanity!






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