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The Subsequent Civilization is Self-realizational

September 3, 2013

The Subsequent Civilization is Self-realizational

By Reed Camacho Kinney, Sept 2, 2013

The prevailing society of bank-market bullying cannot be reformed, or even redesigned, to amount to more than failure to its members, is due to its being structured for other than benefitting its members. It treats all humans as the utility, or absence of, that warrant being alienated, the prerequisite to conformity, for service to the few oppressors that can’t imagine another way of doing business. The peculiarities of the nation’s civic leaders and tyrants include their inability to coordinate for the greater good. The capitalistic system brings people into greater production, but for inane purposes. It has no more value, except that it produced some useful modes of production and science that can be shifted into the subsequent civilization. Organizationally, representational government has failed to defend itself from nefarious legislation written by corporate powers. The American constitution has the embedded splinter of allowing the Federal Government to barrow money, which was how the banks got the upper hand over the Government’s Right to create its own money. The bank purchased the free press in order to shape public opinion to see past its perverted values of competition in an economy between rivals for complete monopoly, which at the end becomes contested by the bigger players who never achieve a central, lonely post of supreme power. In the meanwhile, their thrashing about the environment with outrageous infantile games of domination, war, industrial pollution, poverty, mayhem; it’s a world turmoil and unlike previous national contentions, there is no longer an outside world of stable countries and abundant resources.

That means that our path for our survival as peoples should be pretty well understood. We can’t afford not to emerge from our alienation. Emerging from alienation sometimes happens when people lose their income, or experience battle, but, that is to wake up stark naked in an inhospitable world. By putting alienation behind you, and working as a leader to bring people together for everyone’s greater good is to always grow in greater maturity, which means being there for others within your capacity. How many churches profess to show the way; but betray their members by extorting money to “pay Jesus,” which supports their “business.”   

By contrast, sane civilization meets the existential needs of its members. The socioeconomic structure of the subsequent civilization  provides people with sustenance and growth …open handed, big hearted, generously.  The way is living with each other in conviviality, real sovereign communities in their decentralized society; no central government, and no legal system needed. Each member is supported to develop her individuation, her self-realization.




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  1. Well stated. Self actualization-rule is the final stage. Until then, we battle w/wits, rocks, whatever is at hand. But stay focused on the prize.

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